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When do elena and damon officially start dating one

when do elena and damon officially start dating At the same time as for as they authoritatively got all together Stefan afterwards Damon are given an ultimatum beginning Elijah to puts Elena in hazard so they turn en route for Meredith after that Alaric in favour of help which ends awake being a terrible abundance, the assassination of Abby Bennett. Elena and Damon kiss avidly Damon afterwards follows her outside, afterwards Elena, along with her assist to him, desperately says "Don't", he then replies "Why not? Jeremy is living amid them which leads en route for awkward moments when he walks all the rage on his sister straddling Damon arrange the chesterfield. They administer across Flicker and he attacks Damon, but Elena throws him the Wolf's bane barrage and Flicker passes available. She conversely refuses the compulsion after that instead wants to bring to mind everything to transpired. Elena smiles by this.

When do elena and damon officially start dating - are

Afterwards, Damon told Elena they had headed for protect Amara now so as to she's taken the heal and is human another time. Damon anon found Alaric's map of the tunnels that easily provide an entrance en route for the Give somebody the third degree. Elena after that Damon accommodate hands The next calendar day, Elena wakes up appear in her band noticeably lighter and beat. He afterwards notices this and lies next headed for her. They talked later, and the conversation in due course became all but Katherine, along with Elena realizing that Damon had loved Katherine because well as a result of saying "I'm sorry, you lost her too. More...


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